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WWIII Alert - It Has Begun

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Friday night, the US with the support of Britain, and France launched 105 missiles on a Syrian base. No casualties reported.

These missile strikes came after deliberation from Trump over the chemical weapons attack from Syria on their own people. Even though this was a false flag event to poke them into attacking Syria, Trump took the bait, endangering the entire country. Alex Jones was absolutely shocked and appalled by the President’s actions.

Not long after, a huge explosion took place at an Iranian Base in Aleppo. Syria and Russia are blaming Israel, and Iran will only be taking advantage of that to strike Israel. Taking place yesterday, a phone call between Putin and Hassan Rouhani. The following is a summary of the call that was released by the Kremlin.

“The two leaders exchanged opinions on the situation following missile strikes carried out by the United States and their allies on Syrian territory. The presidents stated that this illegitimate action has seriously damaged the prospects for a political settlement in Syria.
Vladimir Putin, in particular, emphasised that if such actions continue in violation of the UN Charter, this will inevitably lead to chaos in international relations.
They also discussed the overall state of affairs in the Middle East, including the situation in Yemen.
Both sides expressed their interest in the further development of Russian-Iranian multilateral cooperation and in the expansion of mutually beneficial links in trade and economic spheres.”


China has also said they will back Russia in whatever they decide to do. On the financial front, the two partners are attempting to topple the dollar, as Trump recently tweeter:


The last thing we will bring up today is that Warships loaded with tanks and military supplies spotted leaving Turkey for Syria.


Are you prepared for what is coming? Have you sworn fidelity to Lord RayEl? Best to submit now, the escalation will only take so long before everything pops…

Please post your comments in the replies section below.

Have a very nice day!


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    • Cifer Therrien

      The drums are pounding!

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        Not as hard as the sand you guys are! :wink: :roll: :lol:

    • Priestess Monte

      They certainly are pushing for World War faster than ever now!

    • unidentified

      they might blow up a few really outdated ships in the process

    • Man

      Remember the whole gun control thing… That evaporated quickly with this world war 3 boner

    • TheDirectHouseofDavid

      Lord RayEL is the Messiah and yes I do.swear fidelity! He is the Son of God, branch of David and he is confirmed in many Torah codes as being Yeshua, Messiah, Moshiach, Shiloh and more. Between WW3 and other world events taking place … we are in the final moments! People should be getting right with God and prepare for what is coming! USA citizens are not safe, but do they ever warn cattle when they are about to be slaughtered ? No. the current powers that be are not leading them to safety. Only RayEL cares, but it is pointless if a person does not honor the will of God. RayEL does

      • raisnbran

        you are so wrong–my family has thousands of heads of cattle-i love talking to them and telling them what a fine t-bone,prime rib,etc.they will make–they never listen–i know you talk to god,god talks to you and you never listen! you and the rest of your demented gang never listen to god–only your insane thoughts are the only thing that matter to you–nut jobs with huge,giant egos,so full of yourselves and your total bs,agents of satan—

      • Andy

        god doesn’t exist
        the bible is a man-made fiction
        jesus never lived
        you are an imbecile

        *There is no god, the bible is a fiction and jesus never lived*

        *the universe was not created, but has always existed*
        the first law of thermodynamics:
        *no matter nor energy can be created nor destroyed, only its form can be altered* – this is immutable, universal LAW, proven 100% accurate, 100% of the time, for 100% of the observable universe, both micro & macro & without exception

        *no matter nor energy can be created* – seeing the universe is made of matter & energy, it quite simply cannot have been created, it has always existed, only its form has altered

        *only its form can be altered* – the Big Bang cannot have been the point of creation, only a point of “alteration of form” in accordance with UNIVERSAL LAW and there is ZERO evidence to the contrary

        *the universe was not created, but has always existed* – there can be no creator, for that which was not created

        *the bible is a man-made FICTION*
        - all powerful god can create an entire infinite universe, but can’t manage to pen a single sentence of his own book?
        - can send his only living son to die for all humanity, yet he can’t manage to pen a single sentence of his own book either?
        - all scriptures were written by ignorant men who didn’t know what gravity, electricity, bacterium & viruses are
        - all scriptures were written in the languages of men
        - all scriptures were written using tools invented by men (pen, paper, ink, etc)
        – the bible was AUTHORED by the pagan roman emperor Constantine at the council of Nicaea in the yr 325ad
        - the bible is replete with thousands of contradictions and factually incorrect info
        - the FACT that neither god nor jesus penned a single sentence of their own book is the very strongest of evidence that neither ever wanted such a book written,,,, ,,,, but then, fairy-tale characters can’t write their own fairy-tale now can they

        *jesus never lived*
        - not ONE historian living at the same time and in the same city wrote a single thing about jesus
        - not ONE of the thousands who purportedly witnessed or experienced the “miracles” wrote a single thing about jesus
        - the romans kept incredibly detailed records, yet no mention of jesus
        - of the 12 apostles apparently only half bothered to write anything about jesus
        - we have no evidence which verifies that Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John actually wrote the books attributed to them
        - the most prolific contributor to the NT (Paul/Saul of Tarsus) never even met the myth
        - we have no primary evidence for jesus (things he made, letters/notes he wrote etc)
        - the ONLY evidence outside of the biblical fairy-tale are a few single sentence anecdotal (read HEARSAY) mentions written by historians born 2+ generations later (Pliny The Younger, Tacitus, Josephus etc) and hearsay is not evidence by any standard

        *ALL AVAILABLE EVIDENCE* demonstrates that the bible is the word and work of man and nobody else
        *NO EVIDENCE* substantiates the claim that any god had anything to do with it

    • Hot Carl

      Hi Priestess! :wink:

      • Anonymous

        Are you hitting on the Priestess? AWESOME!!! :cool:

        • Anonymous

          I detect some sarcasm, heaven forbid. Don’t be too hard on Hot Carl. Not only does he sweat far too much (sad, his dog took one of his tennis shoes and died), but I finally realized what the thing is with Sister Mr. Ed: he’s a necrophiliac! So, since Lisa’s sure to spurn him for the first guy with a fresh bag of oats or sugar cubes, and it appears Eddie got fired from the third shift at Quaker, for stealing product, what Eddie was thinking a BIN reporter (cough, cough) would be a step up, but, anyway, I’m afraid Carl is going to be jilted, before the first race at Belmont. That being the case, Priestess is a good match, maybe not dead, at least physically, but intellectually registering comatosed, which to Carl is the next best thing. Hope it doesn’t go beyond the avatar, though, as Carl will have another hard landing, when he learns Priestess is really just a criminal faggot named Raymond Howard-lear, feeding a severe narcissistic personality disorder, on the lam from an Indiana warrant, who goes around in a silly Halloween costume, calling himself Lord Rayon. Unless Carl does spiritual dead men, too.

          • Anonymous

            All I know is that my eyeballs start twitching when Hot Carl starts talking about his sex life. My very core starts quivering like there’s no tomorrow. My spleen shoots out various hot liquids and my teeth grow to an epic size, about half the size of Mr. Ed’s. Then my eyes change shape and look like the lizard alien’s.

            Is Hot Carl really KOS in drag??? :eek:

            • Anonymous

              I know what you mean, but I only shape-shift here and there, though, with me, there’s always the bombshell spleen splintering and liver shivers, which I’ve gotten used to. What I’m still not used to is the overwhelming nausea and resultant hurling, especially over the remotest image of Sister Mr. Ed, of course, of course, and Eddie Munster, out in the pasture, making hay, Sister Mr. Ed saying, “Rub my back, Munsy Poopsy,” Eddie whipping out a brush and some liniment, before… we won’t go there! Hold on…. Damn if it isn’t like acid reflux in a vinaigrette sauce, losing a Greek salad.

              Anyway, Carl is almost as bad, but more like what happened when I saw my first episodes of the Brady Bunch or The Love Boat, incidentally, also the last. I can even handle Carl, on an empty stomach, knowing he’s the one contemplating a tryst with Sister Mr. Ed, or chasing Lord Rayon in his tights. It’s just we know there are certain things perverse that men and others of God’s creatures, we have to somehow believe, loosely defined, anyway, but things they should not do, some things equally as bad as a BIN article (cough, cough). I do wish these people had been around Christmas season, as I’d not have had to work off as much.

              But KOS in drag? That is a possibility. Tell you what, tell Hot Carl Obama is the antichrist, then ask him if he got an erection. Like Lord Rayon does, when he puts on his Halloween costume and looks in the mirror.

    • holylightangelos

      Its delusional to see how many people really believe that Trump is a good Guy
      every one that is that wealthy is affiliated with some secret society !

      Bob Mueller is Trumps Puppet Master he will never be fired by Trump
      Mueller will probably fire Trump by executing him by Muellers CIA Machine.

    • William S.

      Why is his name “RayEl” and not “Jesus”?

      As any scriptural scholar will tell you, Christ’s name was “Yeshua”, not “Jesus”. Some will tell you that the name change was caused by “grammatical errors”, “translation differences”, or a litany of other excuses. If you go anywhere in the world and ask for a Coca-Cola, you’ll get a Coca-Cola, yet for some mysterious reason, the world forgot the proper name for the Son of God, a name that would give power to all those who would properly invoke it.

      Exodus 20:7 “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain: for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that shall take the name of the Lord his God in vain.” When something is used “in vain”, it is being used ineffectually or unsuccessfully. If one calls upon the Son of God, but uses a different name, it is done in vain.

      The truth is, the world was purposely confused by Satan, so that no one could invoke the authority of God, through the proper name of His Son, and a “popular name” was given to the uneducated masses, this name was “Jesus”. Open almost any Bible, and you will see that the proper names of Christ and his Father, are replaced with: Jesus, God, Lord, etc. This was done on purpose.

      Lord RayEl could have easily proclaimed his name to be “Jesus”, if he wanted to continue the deception, and avoid the controversy, but Lord RayEl insists upon truth in all matters.

      Lord RayEl (or “Ra-El”, using Hebrew vowel rules) is not offended when people refer to him as “Jesus”, because he realizes the fault is not in the person who addresses him, but instead with the one who purposely confused the people of Earth. But once you know better, you should wisely avoid using the improper name, lest you be guilty of purposely violating the commandment.

      As to why his name is now “RayEl”… Before the Holy Spirit joined with him, his human name was “Raymond Elwood”, which is properly truncated to “RayEl”.

      Revelation 19:12 tells us this about Christ’s return, that “he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself”, so Christ’s return, with a name nobody was expecting, is yet another fulfillment of prophecy.

      The etymological origin of his name, is traceable back to Egyptian Judaism. RayEl literally means “Word of God”. Further, if you read Revelation 19:13, it clearly tells you that “his name is the Word of God”, so “RayEl” is the name the Bible told you he would have.

      • Andy

        jesus, yeshua, frank – it doesn’t matter what you call your imaginary friend, he remains IMAGINARY

        *jesus never lived*
        - not ONE historian living at the same time and in the same city wrote a single thing about jesus
        - not ONE of the thousands who purportedly witnessed or experienced the “miracles” wrote a single thing about jesus
        - the romans kept incredibly detailed records, yet no mention of jesus
        - of the 12 apostles apparently only half bothered to write anything about jesus
        - we have no evidence which verifies that Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John actually wrote the books attributed to them
        - the most prolific contributor to the NT (Paul/Saul of Tarsus) never even met the myth
        - we have no primary evidence for jesus (things he made, letters/notes he wrote etc)
        - the ONLY evidence outside of the biblical fairy-tale are a few single sentence anecdotal (read HEARSAY) mentions written by historians born 2+ generations later (Pliny The Younger, Tacitus, Josephus etc) and hearsay is not evidence by any standard

    • Anonymous

      Lord Rayon takes time out, from hiding in Mexico from a Indiana criminal warrant, to again try to get his fingers in your pocket and to remind you he’s the new fleshy, mortal sinner version of Jesus from the mother ship, though he’s yet to explain how he landed in Jerusalem with Indiana warrants, forgot to bring the armies of heaven with him or cleave the Mount of Olives, as if not to mention really jumped the gun in terms of Armageddon, may not even make it to Armageddon, if Interpol arrests him, first. You could not make this idiotic stuff up. Well, correction, you could, moron.

      This is my favorite picture of his highness:

      Only on BIN. LOL!

    • Mikey H

      It will only escalate from here

    • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

      Hiya, Woodians!
      Just stopped by to let you know you’re following a fraud. :idea:
      The REAL BIN messiah is, of course, KOS.
      Geir’s kinda lonely cause he doesn’t have any followers, or friends for that matter. :twisted:
      Except his best bud Arti. :grin:
      I’m currently working a deal with him for you guys to jump Woody’s ship and hop aboard his.
      He’s willing to pay way better than cRay cRay can. (Kinda hard to pay much when you’re hiding in Mexico.) :cool:
      The best part is… Every day is casual Friday! No need for those wacky costumes! :lol:
      All the bb codes, theoelasticans, NSA agents, and world intel agencies have agreed that, after KOS descended on Jerusalem, when his spicy escargot ran out, his spirit immediately went to the Illinois state lottery, where he caught Barry playing with his 666.
      In his righteous indignation, he found a people willing to shelter and feed him, while he made his return on the cloud.
      (Thanks, France. That’s another one we owe ya!) :roll:
      He has been working and slaving away for 10 years now, trying to explain the simple to the sheeple. :wink:
      Give him a chance guys!
      I mean, you’re not gonna look any stupider than you do now. :oops:
      So HURRY! And renounce alpaca lips!!! And be SAVED!!!
      Or be an old HIV infested homo and get turned to a pillar of croissants! :shock:
      On a side note… HEY! “Priestess Monte”, Geir wants to know if you’d put up a pic in a bikini?
      I told him it would probably closer resemble Peter from Family Guy, and when the soap hit the floor I left before I got frogged.

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        Just let me know if you’re interested by down voting! :lol: :lol: :lol:

        • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

          Are you guys running out of avatars?!!! :shock:
          Just a few down votes so far?!!!
          You should have had Andy alone down voted to the darkest pit of the seventh hell by now!!! :wink:
          Don’t tell me cRay cRay is losing his multi-player edge! :twisted:

      • Anonymous

        “The REAL BIN messiah is, of course, KOS.”

        This is true, KOS is the official BIN ancient of days among reporters (cough, cough), has always been the only BIN true deity. The only problem I’ve found is that everything gets old on BIN. I did take down my alter to KOS, when he suggested I was an HIV infested old homo, merely pointed out how an antichrist is also somebody who puts themselves forth to be Christ, how the Buddhism also wasn’t winning him any Good Housekeeping Seals among Christian theologians, like Lord Rayon’s advent, dumped down a chute from the mother ship in Jerusalem, no armies of heaven with him, and with a builtin criminal record and warrants in Indiana, on the lam in Mexico, what would be truly miraculous is explaining such things, sans laughter, these things from just the short list. But, back to KOS, however true it’s antichrist to go around in your moral flesh knickers, saying you’re Christ, the official BIN messiah just doesn’t like to be confused, has had a similar problem when he doesn’t pin his house key to his shirt. But I believe KOS and Rayon could get along, as I’m beginning to suspect Rayon’s a fag, too. You just know there are tights under that silly costume.

        • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

          Congratulations on getting your “Old HIV Infected Homo” badge!!! :grin:
          You still have work to do, apparently, to get to the “Pillar Of Croissants.” :wink:
          In all modesty, I an happy to say, I believe I have achieved all KOS’s merit badges… Troll, Mole, Vole, ect. ect.
          He keeps adding new ones, so it’s hard work to earn them all.
          But, if A lowly, non frog, such as myself can do it… YOU CAN TOO!!! :lol:
          Just hop to it! :twisted:

          • Anonymous

            What?! And here I thought I had once been chosen to sit at KOS’s right hand, pending him figuring out which side that is. He was none too cheerful when I told him there’s only left and right, he had a 50% shot, but this was before being excommunicated, mainly for pointing out, and I quote, “Any fake Christ is an antichrist, too, Sherlock.”

            Oh well. But I must say it’s very deflating to be beat out by an artichoke, given KOS old HIV infested homos as common as state quarters, but, KOS being somewhat the vegetable, like a disciple of Lord Rayon, it’s probably only proper. I do suspect some of the other identities in the BIN Lord Rayon spam are just the man in tights, himself, praising himself, having heard his highest number of disciples, qualified by their two digit IQs and glassy-eyed, on the very slow side monologues, is a grand total of four. You’d think the new Jesus could at least roundup a softball team.

            I think Lord Rayon needs to start over, maybe take care of the Indiana warrant, then make another entry, after any time required being a prison messiah bitch: if he’s not going to bring the armies of heaven with him and cleave the Mount of Olives, then he could at least do some card tricks or tap dance.

            • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

              Don’t be sad about being beaten out by the Arti…
              Just don’t ask what happened to the cucumber… :cry:
              That poor veg makes grannys thongs nightmares look like a happy place. :shock:

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        There’s one.. 3 to go. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • David Montaigne

      War is not imminent between Russia and America.
      Nostradamus’ most common theme is the military invasion of Europe by an Islamic alliance of nations in the early 21st century. Iran and Turkey are mentioned most often, along with many other Muslim nations that unite to invade Southern and Western Europe. The United States is initially unable to help.
      Nostradamus repeatedly tells us that Turkey leads a war between Islam and Christianity that progresses slowly over 27 years (2001-2028?) and becomes a nuclear WWIII. At least four cities will be nuked, including New York and Rome.
        Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

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