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Black Projects, the Missing $10 Trillion +Videos

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The Bertrand Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues
By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.
As per a couple requests to discuss the “Secret Space Program (SSP) again, let’s dive into a few known truths that will open your eyes to what is going-on behind the scenes with the “Shadow Government” and how the estimated $10 Trillion Dollars is missing from the Pentagon.
The last time it was reported that $2.3 Trillion was missing from the Pentagon was on September 10th, 2001 by Donald Rumsfeld….the next day the Bush / CIA in-cahoots with Saudi Arabia and allegedly Israeli Mossad pulled-off the biggest false flag attack in American history. And of course….the exact office that contained the financial files at the Pentagon was hit by a missile on 9/11, while tons of gold bars, silver bars and platinum were quickly removed from one of the WTC towers on semi trucks…carefully supervised by Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
“The IAFF later alleges that “the mayor’s (Giuliani) switch to a scoop-and-dump coincided with the final removal of tens of millions of dollars of gold, silver and other assets of the Bank of Nova Scotia that were buried beneath what was once the towers”
What did 9/11 do for us as a nation to this day?
9/11 showed the world that a “Shadow Government” is capable of extraordinary acts beyond anyone’s comprehension and how such an act can divide a population’s think pattern(s) based-on lies and dis-information by a CIA controlled media.
9/11 provided an excuse for wars, fake validation of a *perceived enemy, justification for advanced military hardware production, increased military budgets, a boom for the surveillance industrial complex, militarization of law enforcement, and control of the Middle East oil reserves. But more importantly, 9/11 set the stage for further indoctrination to a New World Order which George H.W. Bush openly announced at the United Nations prior to 9/11.
For a New World Order to be finalized, a *perceived enemy is needed in-order to compartmentalize a population into acceptance. Just as Americans unwittingly waved their American flags with the signing of the “Patriot Act” which was actually ready BEFORE 9/11, along with plans to go to war in Afghanistan…..the first series of 7 countries to be taken-out, Iran being the 7th.
Since 9/11 and 17 years later, half the population in America will not concede to the fact, the “Patriot Act” was labeled “Patriot” for us…the patriots that want to expose the criminal acts of the Bush family and (if) Hillary Clinton had been elected.
The “Patriot Act” was written to cover their asses. [The Patriot Act mimics Hitler's "Enabling Act" with shocking comparisons]
While all this crazy sh*t is going-on over the years, the New World Order globalists playing the chess board are planning their next move with trillions of dollars being fed into “Black Projects” with off world connections and reverse engineered craft that can and probably will be used as the final straw called “Project Blue Beam” to scare the hell out of the world by staging a fake alien extraterrestrial invasion with a religious overtone to really confuse populations, causing the religious to beg for “forgiveness from the Divine” while submitting to an “Anti-Christ” leader that “will save the world.”
Note: Generals have stated, that “WWIII will be fought in space.”
Yes….the plans for a New World Order have been talked about for decades, however the mental conditioning of a population is necessary by rearranging the neurochemical process in (our) brains. If (we) are not conditioned (brainwashed) into accepting and believing anything and everything the social engineers (CIA) throw at us on a daily basis, then of course, their New World Order could not be implemented easily…..and it certainly has not been easy for the planners, i.e., the CIA backed FaceBook and other social media platforms used to mainline one’s thought process to reject common social relationship intervention, but to rely on electronic social brainwashing.
Keeping an open mind and looking through the maze of how our children are being groomed for a socialist type world with the hidden villain (communists) waiting for the right moment to openly show their faces, it will only leave those of us at the mercy of an upcoming generation of zombie morons that will likely incarcerate and/or extinguish the older generation (if and when this upcoming generation of David Hogg type enter the political arena).
They tried it in NAZI Germany by grooming the children to hate their parents, turning them-in if they spoke unkindly of Hitler…..and we know that Hitler’s goal was to take-over the world with a New World Order.
FaceBook this past week announced they will not allow any and all Conservative / Political messages on their site. While for decades, school teachers ask students with questionnaires to “describe mommy and daddy, what’s in your refrigerator, does daddy ever hit your mommy, do either of your parents drink alcohol, and do you see guns in your home.” The child then comes home and begins dictating policy to the parents and often enough, the “NAZI SS” a.k.a. Department of Children Services shows up to the door.
Grooming the children has always been the globalist tactics for developing the mindset for a socialist / communist world under the United Nations mandate for “Human Rights.” “It’s always about the children.”
When the time comes that it will not be necessary for any particular country to have a president, a One World president will reside at the United Nations or possibly the Vatican or Jerusalem. According to Bible prophecy, that leader will be the “Anti-Christ.”
Is it any wonder why the socialist / communist movement in America and around the world are using Muslims as the “Anti-Christ” crusade to destroy Christianity again? We got a good taste of that with the last President / Muslim (Obama) and his CIA Director Brennan, a Muslim convert of whom once voted for a card carrying communist to be president….both lying to our faces as to what their true religion is and their mission.
Now that President Trump has entered the scene as a result of a conservative voting base that saw what was happening and NOT BRAINWASHED….Trump was transformed by the Holy Spirit with a mission to destroy the Illuminati and all the pedophile / spirit cooking baby killers around the world….the underlying worship / ritual of the Illuminati with Satan as their religious figure.
The New World Order is under attack by a Divine Spiritual influence like no other time in history. Good versus Evil is a spiritual war that embodies all of us in this fight for humanity.
While evil attempts to warp the minds of our children, WE are countering their moves everyday by exposing their evil deeds.
Until such time the CIA, FBI, DoJ, and Obama appointed judges across this nation are replaced with good people, the “Pizzagate / Pedogate” pedophiles will not face justice anytime soon.
However, as I stated above….the plan for a worldwide false flag event, likely a “Project Blue Beam” event is on the horizon and to understand the technology that WILL BE USED is of this world, but also from another world.
Why it has been kept secret for decades and being leaked now, is equivalent to Good versus Evil, a balance of those inside attempting to keep their secrets quiet and those on the outside as Whistle Blowers exposing their plans.
The great awakening is here for all to see, but you have to decide where your belief system ends or expands.
Our planet earth is under attack from within and from above. There’s good and evil on all sides, a cosmic balance needed in-order to save the planet or to destroy this planet. The power is in us, humanity on the brink….each of us to be judged later when we finally go home.
—Dave Bertrand

The Real Reason the Pentagon is “missing” 10 TRILLION Dollars

The Most Bizarre UFO Event Never Documented (Pay close attention to the little girl named Tanya)

“I’d love to see this country restored to some thing better than it’s ever been but that would be against what I know is coming. I am in a strange place with what I know is coming. This country is on a continuing moral decline, under God’s judgment and I don’t say that with any pleasure as I love much of what this country used to be. The reality is that it will be totally destroyed in earthquake and atomic destruction. Two things give me rest – the decline will continue and we have no real future and a much better thing will follow for 1000 years with no politics, wars, or unrighteousness.
In spite of all of this I root for Trump as his aim is right. This whole thing is a great lesson about good and evil which is on plain display everywhere we look. Have you noticed the perversion of women dressing and wanting to be men and even now men are starting to dress like women. Add to that all the poisons that are in our foods and even in our cloths resulting in cancer and similar diseases. These are getting worse, not better. I know Trump is even working on these but the moneyed interests are fighting him along with the rest of the globalists. Love of money drives it all.” —Ken Raymond (Tucson)

From The Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Int’l Airline Freight Captain on the DC-8 stretch jet / B-727 series 200 jet & First Officer DC-6 prop & DC-10 wide-body jet), 72′ to 76′ U.S. Army Veteran (Military Police) ‘Comms Sergeant’ (Korea), Law Enforcement (State), DHS Trained Counter-Terrorism Instructor for HWW, Border Security Specialist, Political Analyst and Activist to help “Make America Great Again” while exposing the “Deep State” shadow government enemy.

My mission is to slice through the propaganda, encourage everyone to write and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources (we trust). We are the pulse of America and we will prevail.
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    • CUB4DK

      ” Black Projects, the Missing $10 Trillion”…this is why We have to FOLLOW the MONEY, therefore, we can easily find all the CREEPS!
      If We have No WW#3…many ARRESTS of the BIG FISH can be made :grin:

      Cheers, Dr. Rexy :grin:

    • Don - 1

      CIA Operation Mockingbird is where Billions have disappeared.

    • Don - 1


    • stonehillady

      Sad but true, it has to been rotten to the core when in 1984 CIA William J. Casey said even back then………We will know we have done a good job, when 100% of what we tell the American people is FALSE.
      God will destroy this nation, as stated in the bible, he built this earth, he will NOT let a mere man destroy what he built. so surely the lights, one day, will go out


      It went to overtime, donuts, coffee and hot tub time

    • dennisR8

      If you do not believe any of these stories, I think some are stretched beyond reasonable, but if mind control is to blame for all these stories then may be the same will explain, the skeptical mind, your damnation in HELL for a ever long time, along with the prince of liars himself.

      I think the “Indian in the Machine” is not reasonable but many others are.




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