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Red Alert: $300 Oil Is Coming - America Will Never Recover

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They say preppers should wear tin foil hats. However, preppers may be the only people that survives what is coming. There is too much going on for their not to be some future disruption of services and today that would probably mean war. What will you do when oil reaches $300 per barrel?

Last week oil reached a new record of $102, closing in on its inflation-adjusted peak, as a slumping dollar on lackluster US economic data triggered a surge across commodities markets.

Opec’s president said members have subsequently agreed not to raise oil production in part because of fears of a demand slowdown. This is inviting huge spikes in oil prices and this article will present, high oil prices will lead to the further implementation of Agenda 21 policies which discourage personal automobile use as well as fostering the need to live in stack and pack cities.

Are oil prices really going to spike enough to shape human behavior? Here is what the experts are saying.

From Oil

…One prominent member of the hedge fund crowd this week said crude could rise to US$300 a barrel if current prices fail to rise further—and soon—to stimulate investments in new production.

Pierre Andurand, head of Andurand Capital Management LLP, wrote in a series of tweets that were later deleted that “If oil prices do not rise fast enough, $300 oil in a few years is not impossible,” as quoted by Bloomberg.

Andurand seems to be one of a small group that also includes Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih, which believes prices can rise further, even to US$100 without affecting demand. Producers, Andurand said in the tweets, are afraid of peak oil demand resulting from the growing adoption of electric vehicles, and this is stopping them from investing in more new production. “So paradoxically these peak demand fears might bring the largest supply shock ever,” Andurand said.

Oil prices could top $300 per barrel within the next five years, according to  industry expert, Matthew Simmons.

From Arabian Business:

Matthew Simmons, chairman and founder of specialized energy investment banking firm, Simmons & Company International, said the current highs of $100 per barrel are “cheap”.

“I think the supply is showing some very troubling signs that we might well have already peaked and started [to slow] down. If we haven’t, we are very close to it,” he told Arabian Business. “Demand on the other hand shows absolutely no sign of slowing down because we are now at $100 a barrel, which I still think is a preposterously cheap price…

Yet, another source expresses the belief that oil will reach $300 per barrel and this expert believes there is nothing that can save us and please note the content of the last paragraph. This expert believes that the impact on our lives will catastrophic.

From Business Insider:

Charles Maxwell, a former energy exec who is now an analyst at Weeden & Co., says “peak oil” will drive oil prices to $300 a barrel over the next decade.

Alternative energy won’t save us, he says: It’s just too small a percentage of the overall energy market to matter. And neither will natural gas, coal, and other fossil fuels, which come with their own problems.

What will save us–because we’ll be forced to do it–is conservation: We’ll find ways to do more with less.  We’ll also have to start eating root vegetables in the winter, because it will be too expensive to fly in plane-loads of vegetables from Chile.

The consensus is clear, the world is looking at escalating oil prices and this time, the increase could be permanent and potentially catastrophic.

The Doomsday Scenario

The impact of declining oil availability depends on whether the alternatives to oil materialize. For example, it was hoped nuclear fusion would provide low cost energy, but, technological developments have been disappointing. If we don’t find realistic alternatives to oil, the consequences for the global economy could be serious. Rising prices and costs, declining growth and living standards as people struggle to meet their energy needs. The world has become so dependent on oil, the question is could we survive without?

The Relationship Between Oil Prices and Inflation

The direct relationship between oil and inflation was evident in the 1970s, when the cost of oil rose from a nominal price of $3 before the 1973 oil crisis to around $40 during the 1979 oil crisis. This helped cause the Consumer Price Index (CPI), a key measure of inflation, to more than double to 86.30 by the end of 1980 from 41.20 in early 1972. To put this into greater perspective, while it had previously taken 24 years (1947-1971) for the CPI to double, it took about eight years during the 1970’s and the major reasons was the contrived Arab Oil Embargo.

Even back in 2017,   made some interesting predictions which have proven to be incredibly accurate. Gas Buddy stated that gas prices could reach a three-year high in 2017. And they did. The company went on to say that in the long-term, gas prices are likely to climb back up to record levels.

The impact of spikes in oil prices is felt throughout the country and in each and every family. The most notable impact comes, as previously stated, on prices of goods, since we live in an economy where nearly everything is shipped. Food prices will skyrocket as will the cost of communing to work. It is interesting to note that the government’s CPI does not factor in the price of food or gas. It is almost as if the CPI becomes a PSYOPS against a crumbling economy.

Shaping Behavior

In China, the government very much desires to move the country from being a rural country to an urban, factory-based economy. Along these ends, the Chinese constructed ghost cities, under the leadership of Hank Paulson (former Goldman Sachs CEO and Treasury Secretary and author of the bailouts). Under the threat of military inspired violence, millions of peasants have been forcibly relocated to the ghost cities. This is the first step in fulfilling Agenda 21’s “stack and pick” densely populated urban living goals.

In America, we don’t use the military to relocate people in the same manner, but financial means are used. Tax breaks are given to developers for building densely populated housing in the inner cities and in-filling projected in many American cities.

When oil reaches $300 per barrel, people will be forced to abandon homes and live close to work, and/or will make much more frequent use of public transportation. The face of America will transform to solidly urban and will begin to eliminate suburban sprawl and long commutes. It is hard to believe that the escalating price of oil is not connected to Agenda 21.

These factors will undoubtedly lead to less consumerism and a much lower standard of living. These are the hallmark outcomes of Agenda 21 land and energy use policies.

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    • CUB4DK

      Time to go to that Patent Office, and See what We can find…maybe a Converter that allows your CAR to RUN ON WATER!!!
      But you know, OPEC won’t like this… :grin:

      Cheers, Dr. Rexy :grin:

      • tonzal

        (BattleForWorld: Years ago in the early stages of conserving energy, residents and businesses were being constantly blitzed with reminder about updating light bulbs, electronics and appliances that were energy efficient to save on electrical power usage. And at this juncture regarding how things are unfolding the question has to be asked if the energy utility companies were all in on the knowledge of the arriving crypto-currency businesses and that they would have to reroute energy demands from residents to start and expand the crypto-mining business sector.)

    • Detergent

      Must wonder about Ford’s decision to abandon the conventional car market in the U.S. in favor of gas guzzling SUVs and pickups. Or, maybe people who buy Explorers aren’t concerned with $4 gas.

    • raburgeson

      Let’s have it, free energy now dirty crooked politicians. We aren’t going deeper down the slavery hole. Q We know what you have been hiding. You are hiding it to keep us poorer and the 1% richer. Don’t make us come for it the hard way.

    • patann

      Pain never left us, this is just ultimate pain, see Christ’s Cross, the only place of peace, the authentic painkiller, deathslayer

      Holy Spirit as Bush’s days, now Trump’s, calls it error into a new fear factor according to the little miya girl of translation, for two quarters this earth, this new fear factor is actually, Jesus millennium reign. I always said it’s deadly, it’s nothing less than pouring acid rain, fears, flames, into the family feud for many millennia biblical soil of Abraham’s spirit to blood sons, both having promises from God. A family jihad along tugs of turf wars that God thought could only be resolved, as He, Elohim, Himself. That’s made Himself flesh, a cross, and die for the fallen, the lost and redeemed all who come and blood redeem themselves accordingly, right along a blessed death, meaning, the second death then hath no power; christian don’t die, they ascend, why I always out of much love, say, in all our getting these six error/eras into seven of rebellious men, get Jesus!
      -Yes, Pastor Begley, I heard it in my ear, just as Jan. 12th 2018 passed only minutes into it’s 13th, waking me from sleep was a voice saying, ,”one hour with the beast.” Remember I said the book of Rev. 17 was open, long before Trump Dec. 5th, declarations of Jerusalem and Palestine’s Abbas, Dec. 15th, threaten Trump with his eight, with him and Israel making up the ten heads of Daniel, of Revelation, I said, it. Surely with Saddam Hussein being wounded to death, yet a Barack Hussein reigned, the two beast of Rev. 13 rose with him, surely making up, it’s prophecy, of the wounded head that was dead yet it lived. Wow, to actually sit in high places, the Bride’s escape and watch like the days of Jeremiah’s lamentations all ever prophesied by God for millennia into these present seconds unfold and intercede from these high places, the tribulation saints, again, blessed is the one who cometh in the name of the Lord, beware, Apb

      -Watchman, What Of the Night, Of The Mystery Of Iniquity, Of The Veils Of Illusions, Of Darken Mirrors, Of The Heathen Raging, Of The Wine Press of God?

    • chin1161

      you are so full of sh#t!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Boxed in Freight

      Nope, your fear porn doesn’t fly when so many oil wells in America have been capped because of low oil prices.

      Try again Dave, maybe secret troop movements will work.

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • F16Hoser

      $300/Oil… You’re Crazy Dude…

      • DK

        Would it help that the $ has had 1000% inflation on a basket of goods including property since the Federal Reserve took charge in 1913 or in Gas 0.25c around per 2.8 gallon in 1919(nearly a cent per gallon ) to around $2.57 in 2018, Dave Hodges bar some miracle is consistently wrong as usual bar this would of course be a disaster making 3150 prices in 2019, like all prophecy it will come true if you are prepared to wait an infinite amount of time. (if constant expect a 2.5 cent rise a year ) or your currency collapses in which case you will not be paying in $(hyperinflated toilet paper) and will be using horses, steam engines along with boats and steam trains. The US can easily move from a car driven to a horse economy just because of the surplus land(Before 1913 it was), just think of a nation of cowboys with wifi and laptops and the center of the nations economy moving to coalfields in the Appalacians.

    • kletus_ledbetter

      If oil goes to $300 a barrel then everything else will go up proportionally and that will be due to a total dollar collapse. Known as hyper inflation. It could happen and has already happened in several South American countries. Physical gold and silver in your possession are a good hedge against this.

    • roger628

      Uh, Matt Simmons passed away in 2010 under suspicious circumstances.
      Now I KNOW you post BS.
      Quoting him in the present tense, what did yo do, use a medium?
      And I see the Russians haven’t invaded Topeka yet!

    • Porpoise13

      Dave…this is total fear mongering…it won’t happen…sorry to burst your bubble. Perhaps you should do some research on the oil fields here in the U.S….like Nebraska and the Permian basin. They have more oil than Saudi Arabia and are having a hard time hiring enough people to work these fields.

    • ConfuciousSay

      You are looney.

    • LindaJoyAdams

      Wind generators on top of cars –consider the wind energy wasted as we roll down the highway at 70 miles an hour.. Then at night go home and plug your house into the cars’ batteries.. WE GOT THIS BACKWARDS? Out of greed by a few we got a lot backwards. Kansas State University ran for 50 years on a small nuclear power plant and was to be the way of the future and much safer .. If anything went wrong much easier to contain and neutralize… But free energy and free labor of machines got stolen from us and little is free or low cost that should be for everyone now. We, the people let a few overtake us and still are.. ALL PLEASE VOTE !
      A lot of choices this year as many running to serve among those put in place by the puppet masters of the world. DO YOUR BEST TO SORT OUT! And if the one elected does not serve you or us, ELECT ANOTHER NEXT TIME.. aS LONG AS GOOD PEOPLE DO NOTHING WE STAY ENSLAVED to THIS CABAL RULING WANTS. We need the statistical 100% of 95% voting in all elections and remember since 2002 by unanimous consent in the US SENATE there has been no right of the govt to use existing budget to audit this cabal of contractors running the USA since and much of the world now with other nations govt not in charge either.. And NO RIGHT OF GOVT TO USE EXISTING BUDGET FOR CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS AND/OR PROSECUTIONS EITHER.. Few know this as they have illegally impersonated they are govt phone numbers, addresses and govt employees with hundreds of shell companies world wide and even private industry is forced to hire their managing companies to deal with their corrupt govt contractors. NOGOVT IN CONTROL OF ANY PART OF HEALTH CARE SINCE THE COUP OF 2002. CONGRESS PUT A GAG ORDER RULE ON ITSELF TO HIDE THIS AND Cannot mention Contacts Or let a contractor testify AMD Michael HOROWITZ TOLD ME IN 2014 THAT UNLESS THE OVERSITE LANGUAGE IS IN EVERY BILL THERE IS NONE AND WE HAVE BEEN ROBBD OF TRILLIONS AND MILLIONS DEAD DUE TO THER ILLEGAL ACTS. THE HEAVEN ON EARTH WE COULD HAVE; HAS BEEN ALLOWED TO BE TURNED IN TO A HOLOCAUST HIDDEN BY THE MAIN MEDIA.. and suffering getting worse and this cabal needs no govt to start WWIII as they manage the contractors making weapons around the world plus control of nations’ records and data and much of that is our personal file including the cabal snoopers of our phone calls and e mails to use that data they please..NO AUDITS MEANS ILLEGAL TAMPERING CANNOT BE STOPEED which govt employees could be prosecuted for illegal use of info.. NO LAW HAS O BE OBEYED BY THIS CABAL WHEN NO GOVT OF, BY AND FOR US EXISTS. THIS IS THE CAMPAIGN ISSUE as the deep state of few in key places to obstruct rights of all is hard to prosecute without protection of whistle blowers inside the contractors and NONE EXISTS AS THE CABAL RUNS THAT PROGRAM… Lynn Blodgett named by govt officials in writing and verbally to me as the ruler of the USA along with others of his family is in defiance of 39 federal agency judges on my cases alone.. and no access to get more as his contractors prepare the cases for agency judges and few know due to their illegal impersonating of being a federal address, phone number or employee and all are told to lie and say they are… remember most local and state programs are federally funded and relied on feds for audits and stopping crimes and cannot.. DID YOU EVER GET A TICKET FROM THE CABAL’STRAFFIC CAM? DID YOUR CITY COUNCIL GET OVERSIGHT IN THAT CONTRACT? FLINT MICHIGAN POLLUTED WATER BY LYNN BLODGETT’S MANAGEMENT CO TO SAVE A DFEW DOLLARS AND NO RGARD FOR HIMAN LIFE. PRAY FOR HIM AND HIS TO CHANGE FOR GOOD.. LINDA JOY ADAMS -CENSORED BY FACE BOOK FOR OPPOSING THE ONE WORLD RELIGION OF THE FERTILITY GODDESS OF HUMAN SACRIFICE

    • Everette

      Fear is what the elites use to drive humanity into their stalls . I am a person that does not play by their rules . I have actually tried and made some of these devices I am going to share with everyone . First a guy named Progue created a carburetor that got 208 miles on a gallon of gasoline in 1950s with his Ford V-8 . If it had been a 4 cylinder you could double that figure . Shell Oil had an Opel that they got 376.59 miles to a gallon in 1973 . A gallon of gas has 650 gallons of gas fumes in it . Gas starts boiling at 70 F degrees and ignition temperature is close to 495F degrees and spontaneous ignition is 536 F . Here is a simple fum making machine everyone can make that will increase you gas mileage . I put this on a Dodge Dakota Stampede (4.7L faster than the 360 RT Dakota ) . This truck go 16 miles to the gallon on its best day and that was probably on a down hill run . I took a plastic ( about a 1/2 gallon ) over follow radiator ( puke tank ) and made a device that increased the power and gas mileage to 32 MPG . All you do is put 2 gas line hoses into the tanks top . One about a foot long the other about 3 foot long . Push the foot long hose to the bottom of the container leaving the remaining hose extending outside the top of the container . The 3 foot hose only put it in about an inch into the container . These hoses must be tight or sealed so no gas spills out the top . This can be done with a plastic or glass jar as well , as long as the top will not allow the gas to spill out . Find a sure location away from the engine under the hood to place your container and make sure it is fastened well . The hose that is a foot long can be trimmed to about 2 inches above the top . You can buy a small filter at the auto parts place to give it some looks if you want plus stop debree from entering the container . This hose is you breathing hose . But there is no need because the gas will trap any dust particles , only fall back is having to wash out the container after many runs and adding of gasoline . The 3 foot hose will head towards the engine . Find a piece of copper tubing that will insert into the gas line hose . The tubing will need to be close to some heat sorce . Do not lay it on the exhaust manifold because it can reach tempatures over 1000 F degrees and gas starts to burn at 536 F degrees . Look for a place to lay you copper tubing near the exhaust manifold . More Near the valve cover or head . On a V6 or V8 you can lay it against the valve cover or head near the intake manifold . Not on the intake because it is sucking cold air for the engine . On a 4 you may need to rig you up something to hold the tubing near the head but not on the exhaust manifold . Hook up your 3 foot hose to the copper tubing , you can trim it if need so it won’t be so sloppy . If you have any hose left after trimming you can hook it up to the other end of the copper tubing . Find an intake port or hose that you can either plug into or T into that leads directly into the intake manifold . If the left over hose is not long enough then then you need to obtain another piece that will fit the copper tubing and intake port or T . The only thing left to do is add some gas to your container . I usually put about 1/4 of the container . Why because when you hit bumps you don’t want it sloshing and sucking raw gas . This little bit of gas will last you for awhile . As the engine sucks it will draw air into the foot hose making bubbles in the gas drawing up the fumes . As it runs thru the copper it will be expanded and heated . It will add gas fumes to your engine that will help increase your power and cause the computer to back down some of the fuel as you cruse down the road . Something to remember , liquid gas will put out a lite match if you could get it past the fumes into the liquid . The fumes are what explodes . This small device is just a small scale of what Progue made to run his car . The next thing I did was to go to water to help run my motor . I took a device that electrolisized water to break it down to H hydrogen and 2 O oxygen . I then added it into my intake . My truck then got 34 MPG . What I really need was a larger device . I was about to hook it to the ignition switch , from it’s experimental flip switch . But I left the switch on and came back that evening to crank it . It had killed the battery . So I hooked up a battery jumper . When I cranked it it blowed apart my engine . Thank GOD I did not crank it about 12 O’clock or I may have got a first class ticket to Heaven . By that evening some of the fumes had disapated . Hydrogen works but you must have it where it cuts off when the engine cuts off . The gas vapor machine cuts off when you vehical cuts off , because it has to have the engine sucking to make it work . The next thing is back durning world war 2 gas was hard to get because it was being shipped overseas to fuel the war vehicles . Farmers and other people created a wood burning smoke vapor machine that actually run their tractors and trucks and cars . Without going into detail you can look up (wood gas vehicles ) and find these devices and some photos of the vehicles running wood gas . Heck as long as you can find some scrap wood along side the road you cold continue to move on down the road . You can make stoves that burn blue flames kind of like the wood pellet stoves . But at the same time run your generators to power your homes . Never allow anyone to control your life by demanding you have to buy their products . This is Hitler mentality . You can also go on line and find Tesla divices that pick up free electricity from the air , such as a static spark you may have been zapped with some time in your life . Tesla used this to drive his electric car any where he wanted to go . The antenna they say was only 3 inches long . I made such a device and watched it climb towards 1000 volts in a split second . It burnt up the device because I had made it with smaller capabilities . That scared the hell out of me so I did not recreate it , because I did not have anything to control the voltage out put to what I wanted . On the Macgyver program the star made this commit , everything you need is already around you and availed to meet your needs , all you have to do is look for it and know the capabilities of each object you run across and know what it has to offer you . Just like the Bible states GOD shall provide your needs , just ask HIM and let HIM revel what is already before you that will take care of your problems or needs . We have not because we ask not ! Yet when we ask , we find it most of the time already before us staring us in the face . Then we say why didn’t I see that or know it was there all the time . Never let anyone but GOD control your life . Man seeks control so he can be the big dog . GOD has control but wants to share it with us .

    • LegalNameFraud

      I.D.s illegal.
      Read the BCCRSS here; + Shocking imagery, twin towers encoded in centuries old art….

      #Journalists #Movie #Spotlight(2015) #911 to cover #Pedo-Files / Birth Certificates, #Paedophilia / #ContractingWithMinors
      #Priest in Spotlight when confronted with paedophilia charges; “You must understand I did not take any personal pleasure from it…”
      #TheRiddleOfTheSphinx ( #sphincter) and #creation of #Demons #BoysWomb = #Spiritual, #Girls #Physical.

      #ThePost #Legal and #lawful #Fact; I.D.s Illegal. #NewsANCwhores INK INCwhores you’re doomed for blocking the river of Truth. BCCRSS = #TheLaw #BCCRSS It’s illegal to use a legal name. #GuiltByAssociation #SatanicLegalDeathCult

      Read the BCCRSS here. + shocking picture proof ‘educated’ artists have been warning humanity for centuries…..

      Picture enclosed in this….post;

      Signing of the Constitution of the United States Sept. 17 1787 Painted by Howard Chandler Christy in 1940

      Use Apache OpenOffice to interact with images from D Duck Tapes…..

      instructions enclosed in each file, High Resolution, 3000% zoom

      Use + – on keyboard for zooming in area where you want to explore;
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      In pop up menu point to Flip > Click Vertically
      In pop up menu point to Flip > Click Horizontally….

      Right click painting, point to Arrange > click Bring to Front
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      Right click picture, point too Arrange, click Send to Back
      to re-position painting behind drawings….(Drawings are stationary, flip painting behind them for “Vertical Integration”)
      TV show Lucifer S03E04

      The fact the old masters used astrology/constellations ‘Stars’, and lines, ‘Stripes’, to navigate and mirror, to integrate and convey the story in their paintings gives you a new dimension to understand the Art of painting, photography, City Planning (Maps) etc., showing throughout millennia a consistent stream of warnings regarding The Beast, the Legal Religion, the Triple Crown Corporation; City of London, The Vatican, Washington DC, Church/Court/State Pedo-Files paedophilia;

    • DK

      My comment on inflation got deleted, so for those who do not know, since 1919 to 2018 because of inflation the price of oil has risen 0.0025 cents in real terms every year starting at 2 cents per 2.87 gallons in 1919 (spot price 2018 around $2.50) so it will take 1000 years to get inflated to $2500 – oil unlike other goods where the US dollar declined in value 1000% from 1913 where the US Federal Reserve took over economic mismanagement Oil only inflated over 100% in price and it is likely because carbon fuel is a battery 1000% more efficient as an energy storage medium than your typical duracel that it will be around far into the future. Bar of course Mad Max end of civilisation events, where your dollar would be useless and you would return to cowboys with mobile phones, Steam engines and the coal rush of the 22nd century. The world gets a little slower and bigger.

    • DK

      I strongly recommend deletion of the article if you are still deleting the comments as you are, it is wildly innacurate – stop wasting your time and ours. :lol:




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