Q Breadcrumbs: Stay Awake Power Shift Coming! Hard to Swallow! (Videos)
4-25-18 New Q: They feel threatened. This is about us. Expect more (outcry). We are being set up and targeted (+DDoS). All for a conspiracy larp. PLUS Is this the 1st unsealed indictment connecting Hillary to U1? It appears so. It turns out the assault on the Hammond Ranch in
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michael-howard-reed letter to President Donald John and the current DOJ Attorney General 12 21 2017

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unconditional basic income turns the working world upside down! This shows the story of Manuela: She struggled with three jobs when she won basic income with us. Now she can confidently say no to adverse working conditions - and do the work she enjoys.

It could be from the State Department or the Department of Treasury or another agency. It is usually a group and Congress and the president could be involved.

Keith Hobbs, Missouri farmer and victim of "sting" involving a juvenile