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Hamilton Crawford - UK wage growth lags inflation even as jobless rate hits new low

House Monetary Policy Committee Member Questions Treasury and Fed about Their Gold Activities

Pruitt Signs Proposed Rule to Erase “Secret Science” from EPA

Ex-Obama Lawyer Who Worked With Manafort On Ukraine Project Abruptly Leaves Law Firm

Finland to scrap Universal Basic Income scheme after two-year trial

“Emotional Hemophiliacs” Bill Maher and Jordan Peterson discuss the politically correct rabbit hope much of society has fallen into (VIDEO)

The NRA just broke a 15-year fundraising record

The great exodus out of America’s blue cities (AKA the March of the Blue State Refugees)

Wasserman-Schultz’s Deepening IT Scandal in the House, Dem staffer gave Congressional files to a Pakistani senator and Pakistani intel service?

Worry on K-Street: Lobbyists fret about lame-duck Speaker

When does a dollar become a dollar? The federal black box.


China Takes the Long View on Gold-Silver... and So Should You

Home prices surge, accelerate across the country

Former US President George H. W. Bush Hospitalized a Day after His Wife’s Funeral

Suspected Waffle House Gunman Arrested in Woods in Nashville

At Least 10 Killed as Van Strikes Pedestrians in Toronto

US Supreme Court to Hear Texas Gerrymandering Case

Nanoparticle Breakthrough Could Capture Unseen Light for Solar Energy Conversion

Express Scripts Targets New Migraine Drugs to Change US Pricing Dynamic

Iran Warns Trump It Might Withdraw from Non-Proliferation Treaty

One in Eight Bird Species is Threatened with Extinction, Global Study Finds

White House reportedly exploring wartime rule to help coal, nuclear (Sorry Trump folks but this is potentially big crony capitalism)

Penn State’s hiking club is not allowed to go outside anymore. (University administration says hiking is too dangerous)

Judge Andrew Napolitano Calls on Jeff Sessions to Prosecute Hillary Clinton For ‘Espionage’ (VIDEO)

How Socialism Ruined My Country (VIDEO)

Police Went to a Funeral Home to Unlock a Dead Man’s Phone With His Finger

Price Level Targeting with Evolving Credibility

China Fund Managers Slash ZTE Valuation after US Sanction

Paris Attacks Suspect Gets 20-Year Sentence in Brussels Trial

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